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Fresh Musang King Delivery Available Now in Kota Kinabalu Check It Out

Kota Kinabalu, We Have Durians.

Welcome to DurianBB KK Flagship

The latest addition to the DurianBB family, here lies a fully-equipped concept store, giving you a glimpse of DurianBB’s take on gourmet.

DurianBB Aeropod is indisputably, the best durian place in Kota Kinabalu.

An All-New Wholesome Durian Dining Experience

Now at Aeropod Commercial Square

From ready-to-eat delectables, gourmet desserts and beverages, to fresh durians –
DurianBB KK Flagship encapsulates the very passion to bringing happiness.


From The West To The East

Presenting The Best Of Malaysia

Serving only the freshest durians in Malaysia, sourced from both our very own farm in Raub, Pahang;
and local durian farms that feature cultivars unique to Borneo.

Durian Tasting Platter

The Fab Five, Borneo Edition

DurianBB’s signature platter puts together the finest of ’em all from West & East Malaysia. Lining up the five different durians in a well-designed sequence, you will be able to taste the distinctive notes and nuances, exciting your taste buds like never before.




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